Selline boho look sobib ideaalselt suvisteks festivalideks! Seljakott, mida ma nii pikalt otsisin, pärineb Saksamaalt. Ma peaaegu oleks juba alla andnud, aga viimasest poest leidsin oma uue armastuse! See seljakott on ideaalne partner suveks! Lilled pähe ja las suvi algab!

This boho look is perfect for upcoming summer festivals! I brought this cute and stylish backpack from Germany. I was looking for it for soo long and I was almost giving up when I finally saw it. I knew this backpack will be my partner for all summer. Put some flowers in your hair and let the summer begins!

Backpack - Bijou Brigitte ( from Germany) // Jeans- Lee Cooper ( you can find DIY from HERE) // Headband- self-made //  Shoes - Vans // Shades- Vintage

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