Paar päeva tagasi scrollisin oma Instagrami pilte ja siis jõudis kohale KUI palju ma olen ühe aastaga teinud ja KUI palju see aasta mulle meelde jääb! Eelkõige oma isikliku arengu poolest- kui palju ma olen õppinud ning muutunud. Aastale tagasi vaadates tuleb naeratus suule ning südamesse poeb armas rahulolu.  2014 = kui uus hingamine. Ma olen ka nii õnnelik ja tänulik, et mind ümbritsevad inimesed on nii inspireerivad ja viivad mind vaid edasi!  
Olge uuel aastal teineteise vastu veel paremad ning hoolige oma lähedastest!  
Soovin Teile ilusat aasta lõppu ja veel paremat uut aastat!
Few days ago I scrolled through my Instagram account and I was so amazed- really, I did everything  in one year? Wow! This year was so good for me and I will always remember it as a new beginning in my personal life.  I learned so much about myself and I feel how much I've evolved. I'm really happy and grateful that I'm surrounded with so inspiring people! Hopefully year 2015 is even more successful! 
Have a really nice New Year's party! See you in new year!

 I'll start this "2014 throwback" long post with some of my favourite shots from the photoshoots I did!
 I have them many but I tried to pick out only my absolute favorites!
TRAVEL vol 1
 Trip to Frankfurt in April! The days were full of surprises and my friend Tania organized everybody else also there and I got the opportunity to see my classmates after 4 years! And of course- Justin Timberlake concert in Cologne! AWESOME!
TRAVEL vol 2
 Trip to Spain in the beginning of May-  one week in Lloret de Mar.
Doing the music video for Moonshine in June. It was a really fun day! You can watch the video HERE
Gooosh, I haven't even shared it before, so it's a MUST SEE! You can spot me quite many times there ;) 
Eva-Liisa's bachelorette party!
And then the wedding! First one from our gang! Yes- I do have the best friends ever!
Some of my work what I created!
In spring I made my first custom-made wedding dress!! And many others dresses! Thank you all, who trusted me and gave me the opportunity to show my tailoring skills!
Oh..I'm just speechless, because it was magical! It was also my first time to try SUP and wakeboard! I also met so many new cool people and I'm so thankful for them! Oh, and all the cool events.. What can I say- best summer!

 Music festival with good music and with positive energy. And my best friend Sanna- my inspiration! Sending you all my love!

B-DAY 23
With my amazing friends!!!
That feeling! I will always remember it and how this changed me.After the jump it took me couple of days to understand what has changed, but it was lifechanging experience in my own way. I understood one really simple thing- risk more and do what you love. Things don't just happen, you have to make them happen. 
This year I also started men's tailoring studies and with my awesome people!
All the EVENTS
Tallinn Fashion Week, One republic concert, different kind of projects, many cool parties and awesome time with my friends. Yup, the year was memorable! 
NEW HAIR.  New me?
Cutting my hair off was a quite big change for me!

And what will bring year 2015? Don't know, but I'm more than ready!

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  1. Vorratu postitus - Sul on olnud vaga age aasta!
    Ilusat 2015 Sulle ja ootan huviga Sinu uusi postitusi/seiklusi!

    Anneli x

    1. Sulle ka imelist uut aastat! Seiklused algavad õige pea ning varsti muutub blogi rohkem reisiblogiks! :)


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